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Packaging Materials

Unico Storage can supply all of your packaging needs for storing your valuables safely and securely.

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Cardboard Boxes

We can supply a selection of standard size Single Wall or Double Wall boxes.  We can also provide specific Wardrobe Cartons on request.

Shrink Wrap_edited_edited.png

Shrink Wrap

Our Shrink Wrap can be used to add additional protection to your valuables during transit and storage.

Tape Gun.jpg

Tape and Tape Guns

We supply Standard Packaging and Fragile Tape as well as the Tape Guns to make sealing your boxes as easy as possible.

Corrugated Cardboard.JPG

Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated Cardboard is supplied as a 75m roll and is ideal for packing out your boxes to make stacking and storage easier.

Bubble Wrap.JPG

Bubble Wrap

Our Bubble Wrap is supplied as 500mm wide on a 100m roll.  The ideal solution for safely transporting and storing all of your breakables.

White News Off Cuts.JPG

White News Off Cuts

White News Off Cuts are 500mm x750mm sheets of paper ideal for additional protection for breakables such as tableware and glasses.

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